I'm Reece

Reece W. Griffith

  I sort of fell into computer science. In high school, I was interested in so many different fields of science and research that I had a difficult time landing on a major. The one underlyind aspect of each field was Computer Science. It touches everything in STEM and even things like art and animation. Computer Science allows me to contribute to a wide array of subjects while still honing skills in one particular area. It is a bridge between many, if not every, field(s) of study.

  I'm a maker, a tinkerer, and a hacker. I've traveled to several hackathons and coding competitions and worked on a bunch of projects, from cross-platform mobile apps to art created with algorithmic programming in JavaScript. I firmly believe in learning by doing and taking education into your own hands.

  I'm a California native and current Undergraduate studying Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management at Johns Hopkins University.

  In the summer of 2017, I worked as a Software Engineer for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as a part of a startup called SynoPTis. We created a Hybrid mobile application to streamline patient records and data for the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The application is still in development, but we hope to allow physicians to get a quick "synopsis" of their patients to conserve time and energy in thier high stress environment. I mostly worked as a developer on the front end portion of the project, however due to the nature of startups (for which I am very grateful), I was able to get some direct experience with our backend using Google Protobuf and Firebase.

  In the same summer (2017) and through my sophomore year of college, I worked for The Coding School on their codeConnects project as a Web Developer and Curriculum Contributor. (codeConnects is an online platform that offers one-on-one computer science instruction and mentorship to underrepresented middle and high school students. Pairing each student with a professional software engineer or university student majoring in computer science, students participate in weekly, face-to-face coding lessons using our platforms’ collaborative editing and video chat features.) The Coding School (TCS) is a 501c3 organization that aims to empower the next generation through computer science education.

  This past summed (2018), I worked as a Software Engineer for Qualcomm I was an intern on the Audio Software Team, working to implement a more power effecient solution for Microsoft's Cortana Voice Activation feature (using the Qualcomm Chipset). I was able to complete the project on time, and the software will be used on 1000s of devices with every new product release. The specific product using this qualcomm chipset (and my software) is for Microsoft's new line of "Always Connected PCs".

My Expertise


  • Programming Languages: C and C++ (intermediate), Python (intermediate), Java & JUnit (intermediate), Assembly: 6502, MIPS, x86 (basic), HTML/CSS/JavaScript (intermediate)
  • Technologies: Maya with MEL (intermediate), Ionic/React (intermediate), Git (intermediate), AWS (basic), MySQL (basic)
  • Spoken Languages English (native), Spanish (intermediate), High Valyrian (basic)


  • Spoken Languages: English (native speaker), Spanish (intermediate), High Valyrian (basic)
  • Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • 3D Printing Technology
  • Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Professional Writing/Communication
  • Social Psychology
  • Teaching Experience
  • Community Outreach


  • Qualcomm Student Accelerator Attendee, Speaker 2018
  • California State Seal of Biliteracy Spanish 2016
  • Top Ten: Wash. D.C. Google Games 2017
  • HopHacks Finalist (Top Ten), Fall 2017